Boarders Manual

General Information for Boarders

Hostel Admission

Parents seeking Hostel accommodation for their ward in the School are required to submit a written application to the Principal. After the approval, child will be given Hostel facilities, and the fee is to be deposited in School Office. After obtaining the Hostel fee receipt, Parents are to report to the Hostel Warden for completing the Hostel admission formalities i.e. by filling in the requisite details indicated in this information Booklet. After all the formalities are completed, the Hostel Warden will allot the room/bed etc. to the child.

Before a student joins/enters the Hostel, the following documentation & formalities must be completed on forms supplied by the School Office-

  • An authority letter from the parent indicating two names and addresses with their photographs and telephone nos. who would act as the Local Guardian.
  • Certificate / Letter from the Local Guardian for accepting the child to stay with him/her during sickness or in case of emergency.
  • Parents to give their telephone numbers and address for first contact in case of any emergency.
  • A certificate certifying that no cash/costly belongings are retained by the child.
  • List of clothing and items kept by the child.
  • A loan slip duly signed by the Parent / Local Guardian regarding items of bedding/clothing issued to the Hosteller.
  • Health certificate regarding medical history & fitness etc issued by a doctor not less than MBBS with signature and counter signature of the Parents & Hostel Warden concerned.
  • It is compulsory for all Boarders that to they obtain Health Insurance Cover.
  • The Performa duly completed must be handed over to the School Office.

A floor committee of the boarders ( Floor Captain, Vice Captain ) from each floor will be responsible for the maintenance of the cleanliness and discipline on each floor. The floor committee will ensure that fans and lights have been switched off. Boarders are provided with a bed, a cupboard, a study desk and chair. Each boarder must maintain utmost cleanliness and make sure that the floor under his/her bed and cupboard is clean. Waste paper and refuse must be thrown in the dustbin provided in the rooms and not littered on the floor.

  • Beds:

    Name and tag will be attached to every bed. Boarders will make their own beds neatly every morning. Nothing should be left on the beds, under the beds or on the cupboards.
  • Cupboards:

    Cupboards must be arranged neatly. Surprise checks will be made by Hostel Wardens. Any extra items other then those specified in the Hostel kit will be confiscated. Shoes will be arranged neatly under the cupboard. Boarders will dust their room and cupboard tops daily.
  • Study Desk:

    Study Desk are to be used for books and stationery only and not for toiletries. Books must be arranged neatly and each boarder will be responsible for the dusting and cleanliness of his/ her bookshelf. The room committee must ensure that this is done and defaulters must be warned and brought to the Warden’s notice.
  • Eats:

    Eating in the dorms is unhygienic and is prohibited. The floor committee must make sure that any boarder who litters the room or spills any thing, cleans up the mess himself/herself.
  • Bathroom And Toilets:

    Boarders must spend minimum time required in bathroom and toilets to give others a fair chance to use them. Boarders must ensure that the bathrooms and toilets after use are as clean as they would like to find them. They must ensure that they close all the taps.

Following items can be purchased from the Tuck Shop

  • Tooth paste and tooth brush.
  • Soap, Hair Shampoo, sanitary towels.
  • Exercise book, pens and other stationery items stocked in the Tuck shop.

No student living in the Hostel is permitted to bring unauthorized video taps/films from outside and display them in the School recreation centre. Screening of video tapes/films will be regulated by one of the House Wardens who is specifically authorized by the principal. He/She will –

  • Specify the data and time on which a particular video tape/film is to be screened.
  • Allow screening of ONLY authorized video tapes/films.

All boarders are expected to have possession of clothing and toilet items at the time of joining the hostel as the list given below

Summer uniform 04
Winter uniform 03
Under garments 06
White socks 04
Black shoes 01
White shoes 01
Sport shoes 01
Handkerchiefs-White 06
Rain Coat and Cap 01
Bath Towels 02
Hand Towels 03
Bathroom slippers 01
Sandals (Black Bata) 01
Suitcase 01
Pillows 01
Water Bottle 01
Torch 01
Batteries 04
Shoe Brush 01
Shoe polish black 02
Shoe polish white 02
Hair brush / Comb 01
Toothbrush 01
Tooth Paste 200 gm 01
Nail clipper 01
Soap Dish 01
Soap 03
Shampoo 200 ml 03
Hair Oil 200 ml 02
Putka /Turbans, if worn, should be Red in colour -
Casual wear 02 Jean (Blue), 03 White T-shirt
Sweaters 02
Table Napkin (Clothes) 06 PCS
Bed Sheets (Plain white) 03
Pillow Covers (Plain white) 03
Kurta Pajama / Salwar suit(White) 06
Alarm Clock 01
  • An advance of Rs 10000/- per child is required to be deposited with the School at the time of admission to meet the actual pocket expenses of the child. Statement of pocket money account is submitted to parents every quarter.
  • Boarders are not allowed to keep any money with them. If any money for special occasions like birthdays is to be remitted, it should be sent by a crossed DD in favour of Shri. Devender Swaroop Brahmchari International Public School, payable at Rishikesh.
  • Routine medical treatment during the school hours is provided free by the school medical officer. However, if the medical officer has to be called from his residence to examine any boarder after the school hours, his professional charges of Rs 250/- per visit will have to be paid by the parents. A qualified Medical Assistant has been appointed to look after sick children under the advice of the school medical officer.
  • In case of emergency, Hosteller requiring hospitalization will be admitted in Hospital & parents will be informed accordingly. All hospital charges and amount spent on medicines will be billed to parents.
  • Lodging, Boarding, Tuition and supervision charges etc. has to be deposited as per fee structure.
  • After the due date a fine of Rs 30/-per day will be charged. At the end of the month his name will be struck off from the rolls and the student may be re-admitted at the discretion of the Principal on payment of all arrears and fresh admission fee.