Student Code Of Conduct

They should respect the beauty of the classroom and the school premises and report any damage they may observe to the teacher.

They should take good care of their belongings, which includes maintaining books and notebooks neatly; packing the satchels completely with all the things that may be needed, filling the circular and putting them in their respective places.

All the DSB’ians are proud of the discipline and the feeling of oneness, belongingness that they inculcate during their schooling.

Students Code of Conduct
Students Code of Conduct

They should always remember that all DSB students are expected :

  • To take good care of their health and to develop healthy habits.
  • To be polite, courteous and friendly.
  • To have a positive attitude and an appealing demeanour.
  • To accept all the assignment rightfully and complete them dutifully.
  • To face difficulties courageously.
  • To be ready to lend a helping hand to all and not only to their friends, relatives and teachers but also to unattended visitors.
  • Never to cheat or be unfair at play; never to be rude.
  • To be kind and honest.
  • To respect the liberty and the right of the others.
  • To resist the temptation and to have the courage to say 'No' to wrongs.
  • To utilize the time to the optimum.
  • To wear neat and crisp uniform and take pride in their school uniform .
  • To look upon people from all parts of the world as their brethren irrespective of their caste, colour and creed.
  • To respect their teachers and visitors of the school and wish them properly.
  • To keep the school campus neat and clean.