DSB BordingThere are separate hostels for boys and girls. The aim is to provide comfort but not luxury. Each hostel consists of tastefully furnished, purpose-built accommodation shared by four students to a room.

The house recreation room provides a place to enjoy indoor games, watch television or listen to music. A teacher with special responsibility lives in the house and is in charge of about 30 students, keeping a caring eye on the child's social and personal development.

Bording Room
Bording Room

All teachers are involved in the school's pastoral care and students learn to take responsibilities for each other’s welfare. The atmosphere in each boarding house is relaxed and homely. Parents keep in regular touch with their children through telephone calls & visits.

Life at Hostel

In the formative years of a student's life.

  • Staying in a hostel is a unique experience. We at DSB believe that the best possible environment and resources should be provided to them so that they can learn the benefits of community living, pleasure of sharing and helping each other to achieve common goals of life.
  • Hostel life builds group dynamics and minimizes individual differences.
  • Best part of hostel life is that it enhances ethics and core values in the students. It prepares them to face the competitive and challenging world of today.
  • Boarders are a pampered lot as they receive the best of everything namely special lectures and guidance from visiting faculties for competitive exams, sports and other co-curricular activities. Personality development and career counselling programmes are specifically designed and implemented for their all round development.
  • Boarders are taken out in the lap of nature for adventure activities like rock-climbing, rafting, skiing, trekking on a regular basis.