H.H. Devender Sawroop Brahmchari

H.H. Devender Sawroop Brahmchari

पिवन्ति नद्य: स्वमेव नाम्भ:, स्वयं न खादन्ति फलानि वृक्षा:।
नादन्ति शस्यं खलुवारिवाह:, परोपकाराय सतां विभूतय:।

The School was established in year 2007 by H.H. Brahm Sawroop Brahmchari Ji Maharaj in fond memory of his guru H.H. Devender Sawroop Brahmchari Ji Maharaj. DSB International Public School is an English medium co-educational day cum residential school affiliated to C.B.S.E.,New Delhi. It seeks to provide a new opportunity for quality education in India.

The focus of the school’s approach to education is to provide the best conditions for learning and value based education to enable the development of responsible and freethinking citizens for the 21st century.

The school's self sufficient campus of over 21 acres and its low rise buildings are aesthetically designed. Its simple yet elegant and beautifully conceived design captures the surrounding environment perfectly. Building construction is as per Vastu to get the maximum energy from nature.

There are many eco friendly features in the school's design. The silent generators are surrounded by plants which eliminates all harmful exhaust contaminants.