Safety & Security

The security apparatus of the School consists of private security personnel including lady guards and chowkidars (employed as additional night watchmen).

Campus Security

The campus is patrolled by armed and unarmed guards round the clock. Every individual including staff has to go through a Standard Security Check Procedure while entering or exiting through the Main Gate.

House Security During Night Hours

Girls Boarding House

While armed guards patrol the outer periphery of the Girls House, a night ayya and a lady guard remain inside House during night hours not only to attend to the requirement of pupils but also to ensure safety, security and discipline of the House.

Boys Boarding House

While for safety, security and discipline, a security guard and watchmen do their duty inside the House, sufficient armed guards remain vigilant outside the Boys Houses throughout the day and night.

At DSB the safety/security of students is of prime importance to us. Keeping this in mind ,we have installed CCTV cameras in the campus.