Vision & Mission

DSB Vision


To Provide a stimulating education experience, which promotes each child's social, emotional, physical & cognitive development.
Our aim is to enlighten our student to be life long learners.

DSB Mission


Shri Devender Swaroop Brahmchari was a great exponent of Gurukul system of education. He firmly believed that this system of education has greater significance and relevance today. However, he wanted it to be modified so that it is suited to the changing needs of the society.

He had in his mind a vision of setting up an institution of International Standard at Rishikesh where the students acquaint themselves with our rich culture and heritage besides keeping abreast of the latest subjects. This institution of his dreams is open to students from abroad as well. While their presence in the school will give a truly International character, they themselves will get the benefit of quality education along with an opportunity of exposure to the great Indian culture and its grand traditions.